How to install ZenMate VPN on Mac

How to install ZenMate VPN on Mac

ZenMate offers great services that are available on all major platforms, including Mac OS. It prevents tracking as well as blocks malware when you browse the web with a VPN. It is extremely easy to install ZenMate on Mac, as it takes only a few clicks to do so. Learn how to do so by reading our step-by-step walkthrough!

With all the craze about Internet privacy, more and more people have become interested in VPNs. Still, there are plenty of VPNs to go around with tons of features, capabilities and prices.

In this article, we’ll be showing you how to install ZenMate VPN, a service focused on making your time on the web more secure!


Choose the pricing plan

ZenMate VPN has 3 different plans available, making sure it fits everyone’s needs.

Once you’ve made your choice, proceed to checkout – the process is extremely simple and shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes. There you will need to enter your email that will be needed to log in.

Choose your preferred payment method and buy the wanted subscription plan. 

Choose your plan


Download ZenMate VPN

So now that you have an account and a subscription plan, it’s time to download the setup, and get it up and running.

To do so, click on the Downloads button in the middle of the screen, and download ZenMate VPN for OSX.

Download ZenMate


Install ZenMate VPN

Once your download is completed, you should have a .dmg file. If you’ve ever installed software via .dmg, then you’ll be pleased to know that the procedure is the same as with any other .dmg file.

As for those of you who haven’t done this before, open the .dmg file you’ve downloaded and let it mount the image. After the decompression is complete, a new window will pop up.

All you have to do is drag the ZenMate icon onto the Applications icon. MacOS will first want a confirmation if you wish to open the App from the Internet, so click 'Open' and then enter your MacOS credentials and then click on 'Install Helper'.

After a couple of seconds, the ZenMate's app icon will show in the Launcher. 

Drag the icon to the Applications folder


Connect and use

Next, run the app and wait a couple of seconds for it to load up. You will be welcomed by a login screen where you should type your ZenMate email and password. Once you enter the info, click 'Go'.

You will now see an icon in your bar, next to the battery, sound, Wi-Fi etc. icons. Click on that icon, and a menu will open up with a 'Connect' button. You can select the country you wish to connect to manually, or ZenMate can automatically do so for you.

If everything is done right, the icon will turn blue and you’ll see a message telling you that you’re secure.

Log in with your ZenMate credentials
Click the big button to enable the VPN