How to install SaferVPN on Windows

How to install SaferVPN on Windows

SaferVPN can offer a lot to its users: lightning fast VPN experience, easy to use and nicely designed functional software as well as unlimited bandwidth. SaferVPN is known for its strong encryption and a variety of protocols to choose from. It is easy to install and you can learn how to install Safer in a few simple steps right here!

SaferVPN app for Windows operating system will instantly protect your Internet security and privacy while giving you instant access and full Internet freedom to content streaming and web browsing. You can stop worrying about your safety when connecting to unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots or unknown networks in general, as it does not matter whether you are in an airport, hotel, coffee shop or simply walking down the streets, you will always be protected!


Choose your pricing plan

Go to SaferVPN’s website and click on the Pricing section. SaferVPN has a special deal at the moment, so on Safer’s homepage you can click ‘Get up to 80% off today!’ and you will also be redirected to the subscription plans and pricing.

Now you can choose the plan that is the best for you depending on the price and length. We recommend the 2-year plan that offers a low monthly price.

After the purchase, your new account will be created and you will need to use it to sign in into Safer’s client area as well as the software itself when it downloads.

Choose the best plan for you


Download SaferVPN

To download and install the SaferVPN app for your Windows device, you can sign into your account by clicking ‘Sign in’ in the top right corner. In the client area, you will see the applications section, so just click on the Windows or ‘Download for Windows’. You will then be redirected to a new window where you will just need to click ‘Download Now’.

Another way to download the software is to click ‘Applications’ on Safer’s homepage. Then, just click ‘SaferVPN for Windows’ or ‘Download for Windows’.

In the new dialogue box that opens, click on ‘Save’then go to the file location and run the file to start the installation.

Download the VPN for Windows
Save the Safer's setup file



Install SaferVPN

The Setup Wizard will start, so just click next to start the installation of SaferVPN.

Click on ‘Install’ button to install the SaferVPN app. In the installation dialogue box that opens, ensure that the installation is completed successfully then click on Close button. 

Install SaferVPN
The installation is now complete


Connect and use

Once you have downloaded and installed SaferVPN app on your Windows operating system successfully, it is now the time to run and use your SaferVPN app.

Launch the SaferVPN app by double clicking on the SaferVPN shortcut located on your desktop. In the new dialogue box that opens, click the ‘LOG IN’ button to log in to your account that you have created earlier. Just enter your SaferVPN credentials (username and password).

To connect to a SaferVPN server, simply select it, then click on Connect’ button.  After a few moments, you will receive an alert message on your screen confirming that you have successfully connected.

You should note that the SaferVPN app can also be launched from the system tray. Simply right click on the SaferVPN icon, then choose the country you want to be connected to. Once this has been selected, click ‘Connect’. 

SaferVPN is not connected
Safer is now enabled


Additional features

SaferVPN offers a few advanced features that the users can enjoy:

  • A variety of protocols: Users can choose from OpenVPN, L2TP over IPSec, IKEv2 as well as PPTP. There is also an automatic option which connects to the best protocol.
  • Automatic Wi-Fi Security: Secures your connection and keeps your data safe when browsing on unsecured networks.
  • Kill Switch: If SaferVPN disconnects, this feature will stop all Internet traffic.
  • Support options: You can open the FAQ section, create a support ticket or run a speed test right from the SaferVPN app.
Select the wanted protocol
A Kill Switch option