ProtonVPN Review

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A super-private VPN that doesn't compromise on performance.

What we like
  • Fast local speeds - up to 83Mbps down locally
  • Hassle-free access to popular sites including Netflix
  • User-friendly apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Secure Core network helps users in high-censorship countries
  • Minimal logging policy
  • Connect securely to 31 countries

General overview

ProtonVPN is a Switzerland-based VPN service provider, allowing users to benefit from some of the world's strongest privacy laws.

This VPN provider is developed by the same team of scientists who created ProtonMail, the world's largest encrypted email service. ProtonVPN was created to give journalists, activists, and everyday citizens unrestricted and secure access to the Internet.

ProtonVPN offers a great set of functionality, exclusive security standard, a strict no-logs policy, secure core servers, military-grade network security and impressive performance. It also features DNS leak prevention and comes with built-in Tor support and Kill Switch feature. Using ProtonVPN you can access Netflix, Hulu, Kodi and other popular streaming services as well as everyday browsing.

Company information

Company name: ProtonVPN AG

Company incorporation country: Switzerland

Years in market: 1

No-logs: Yes

Overview conclusion

ProtonVPN is designed with security as the main focus, offering great network defence and very strong encryption for secure connection and streaming.

Get ProtonVPN30 days-day money-back guarantee


ProtonVPN has a strict no-logs policy, which means that no user activity or connection logs will be stored. It also uses the safest protocol out there - OpenVPN with AES 256-bit encryption. As usual we recommend to choose using the latter for both speed and security measures. ProtonVPN also provides users with ar feature to connect to the VPN with IKEv2 protocol. Moreover, it has some extra features like P2P support, Tor functionality, as well as a kill switch which will block all network connections in the event that the connection with the VPN server is lost.

ProtonVPN does not just protect your browsing traffic - it also protects your DNS queries. By routing your DNS queries through the encrypted tunnel and not relying on third party DNS providers, they ensure that your browsing activity cannot be exposed by leaks from DNS queries.

Name PPTP L2TP/IPSec IKEv2 P2P allowed Encryption
Internet activity

Privacy - highlights

Privacy - Conclusions

Speed & Performance

It is known that in general, Internet speed drops when using a VPN, so it's important to try and find a VPN that still offers good speed even when using VPN services. Having ProtonVPN in mind, we have not experienced any issues during the standard web browsing experience whilst using ProtonVPN. Torrent speed was also very decent in comparison to other our reviews and tests. They also provide users with dedicated Netflix servers, so you can freely stream your favorite programmes whenever you want.

Both connection and server speeds were pretty good and a bit varying, but still fast. Connecting to a server location only took a few seconds and the connections were stable as well as reliable.


Speed - highlights

  • Unlimited speed and bandwidth
  • Fast server speed

Speed - Conclusions

The overall VPN speed is pretty good. It sometimes might slow down a little bit, it is only natural that there is a small drop.

Name Unlimited speed Server switches Unlimited data Speed consistency & reliability
ProtonVPN YES Unlimited YES 8.2


ProtonVPN supports all major platforms with custom-developed apps: Windows, Mac OS X, and Android. There are numerous guides on how to set up ProtonVPN on these devices. Furthermore, Proton VPN provides with guides and detailed walkthroughs on how to manually configure this VPN for iOS, Blackberry, Windows phone, various routers and other devices as well.

HA troubleshooter is also available, so you can check out the knowledge base and blog articles if you've run into some kind of problem while using ProtonVPN. The troubleshooter contains information about connection,speed, account, subscription, streaming problems and many more. ProtonVPN is very easy to install and is user-friendly too.

Apps - highlights

  • Easy to use apps
  • Up to 10 simultaneous connections
  • Secure Core
  • A single click connection to any country

Apps - Conclusions

Great app and platform performance, also very user-friendly and easy to use software.

Name Mac Windows Linux iOS Android Blackberry Windows phone
ProtonVPN YES YES YES Manual configuration YES Manual configuration NO

Servers & Locations

ProtonVPN offers over 144 servers in 27 countries that are located all around the globe. Even though they have relatively small amount of suggested servers, ProtonVPN offers Serure Code servers which has the unique ability to defend against network based attacks. Therefore, this extensive server location list should be more than enough to access geographically-locked websites. All ProtonVPN users have unlimited bandwidth and speed, so you won't need to worry about exceeding some kind of fixed limits.

Locations - highlights

  • Great knowledge base
  • Numerous guides and tutorials

Locations - Conclusions

ProtonVPN provides Secure Core servers which guarantee exclusive level of security in many countries, including United States, Hong Kong and many more.

Name Countries Server locations
ProtonVPN 27+ 140+


Proton VPN provides users with email support as well as filling in the support ticket. We have tried contacting them with the fictitious issues and consultants were quick and professional to respond with their answers. Some technical questions have been handled by additional consultations with team members, but overall, the response quality was really satisfying.

Of course, you may eventually run into a problem - payment method not working, servers not connecting, pretty much anything can happen. That's where support comes through - many different customer support options mean that there are multiple ways to contact the support and get help from a professional.

ProtonVPN Support - highlights

  • Troubleshooting guides
  • Email and support tickets

ProtonVPN Support - Conclusions

Quick and professional response to the questions.

Name Live chat Email Knowledge base FAQ 24/7 support

Value for money

ProtonVPN is available in different plans and configurations to make sure that there is a right choice for everyone. Prices start at free, going up to $30 per month if paid monthly. Paying annually nets you a 20% discount. Existing ProtonMail users with paid-for accounts can claim a 20% discount (which is cumulative with the annual discount). For most people who are willing to pay for a VPN, the sweet spot is likely to be the Plus plan. This provides access to all ProtonVPN servers at the highest speeds available. It also provides access to all ProtonVPN's advanced features.

ProtonVPN does not have a free trial - even better than it, basic ProtonVPN features are free to use. You can simply sign up, download the app and use provided features for unlimited period of time.

All major payment options are available, including Credit Cards, PayPal and BitCoin ensuring that privacy can be secured even during payment.

Price - highlights

  • All major payment options
  • 30-day money-back guarantee

Price - Conclusions

Different plans and configurations provided for everyone's choice.

The Bottom Line

What we like
  • Fast local speeds - up to 83Mbps down locally
  • Hassle-free access to popular sites including Netflix
  • User-friendly apps for Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Secure Core network helps users in high-censorship countries
  • Minimal logging policy
  • Connect securely to 31 countries
What we like less
  • Server network is fairly small
  • Customer support is limited
  • Best features limited to the Plus Plan

A super-private VPN that doesn't compromise on performance.